Review Instructions

Here is a summary of the review process’s timeline:

Reviews due: May 23th

Reviews to authors: May 28th

Rebuttals: June 4

Discussion and review finalized: June 11th


To answer this review request please log in Easychair with your EasyChair account associated with your email address you received this email and you will find the review request either under the Alert menu tab, or by following links EasyChair -> My Conferences -> ACII 2021.


Once you have logged in you can accept your review:

1. Make sure you click on the “subreviewer” role.

2. Click on the paper’s id number (under the column marked with #)

3. Click on “answer request” (upper right corner of the screen)

4. Enter your decision (I agree, I do not agree, I will decide later). You can unclick “send email” if you would prefer not to.



1. Click on “review requests”

2. Click on the paper number

3. Click on the folder icon in the row marked “Paper” – this will download the pdf.

4. After reading/evaluation, click on “submit review” to enter your review.

5. Click on “submit review”


Notes on reviewing:

When you are preparing your review, please consider the following factors, justify your scores (clear explanations will help the authors to refine their submissions), and reflect on the relevance of the submitted work to ACII’s call for paper:

1. Detailed Review

2. Key Strength of the paper

3. Main Weakness of the paper

4. Novelty/Originality, taking into account the relevance of the work for the ACII audience

5. Technical/Theoretical Correctness, taking into account datasets, baselines, experimental design, affective theory, are there enough details provided to be able to reproduce the experiments and understand the contribution?

6. Quality of References, is it a good mix of older and newer papers? Do the authors show a good grasp of the current state of the literature? Do they also cite other papers apart from their own work?

7. Clarity of Presentation, the English does not need to be flawless, but the text should be understandable.