ACII 2021 Special Session

Title: Uncover our Hidden Emotion: Psychological Fundamentals, Computational Techniques, and Ethical Issues

Organizers: Tong Chen, Hongying Meng, Ke Zhao,Wanhui Wen, Hao Xu, Moi Hoon Yap


Emotions are hidden in social life for some reasons. For examples, men are normally not encouraged to show their fear emotions; an non-cooperated patient with depression may show happy face in the diagnosis; a husband could show satisfied smile to a non-delicious dish cooked by his wife. The hiding of emotion is important in social communication. However, it can also hamper ourselves to understand our real emotion, mislead the psychological therapist, and affect our well-being. 

The hidden emotion could leave trace through expressions, which mainly include masked expressions and micro expressions. Micro-expression is a subtle facial expression and happens when people fail to suppress their expressions. Masked expression is another way of manipulating facial expressions, i.e. the expression evoked by real emotions is intentionally masked by another expression, but two expressions may co-exist on face. Physiological signals, including ECG, EEG, SC, etc. are also indicators of emotion and could not controlled by will. 

The overall goal of this special session is to explore the latest developments in hidden emotion recognition,aiming to further understand the psychological and cognitive mechanism of hiding emotions. In addition, the ethical issue for the research in this specific field will be also covered. 

Topics of interest include but are not limited to: (i) Micro-expression recognition, (ii) Masked-expression recognition, (iii) Physiological-signal-based or voice-signal-based emotion recognition, (iv) Multi-modal signal based emotion recognition, (v) Psychological and cognitive mechanism of hidden emotion , and (vi) Ethical issue in hidden emotion research.